Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique Testimonials

Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique testimonials attest to its safety and effectiveness for a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual applications, whilst offering a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation.


“"An amazing, beautiful and nurturing experience that allowed me the space to recognise, feel and know my divinity and the joy of sharing that. I feel blessed. 'I once felt lost, but now I'm found, 'twas blind but now I see.' - Amazing Grace"
Seonaid (QLD), receiving from Sarah Daniels
“I have been using Young Living Essential Oils since August, and after attending my first Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique on 15th December I chose to check my results. So on 19th December I had my Rodoraku Chart done at Vital Balance Bethania (Brisbane), and my top line was over 140 and everything else was the most balanced it has ever been. I was stoked. Also, my temperatures which I have been taking regularly to check for oxygen absorption were in the normal range. They have never been at that stage before. (Haven’t stayed there, but that is not the point). It is good to have something to gauge how things are going and to know that internal changes have taken place. A big thank you to all who participated on that day.”
Gail L. (QLD)


“After 13 years as a rebirthing practitioner, I find the Emotional Clearing Technique just as powerful a tool for accessing emotional blocks, but far more gentle and specific in how it releases these blocks. The success of this technique lies in the beautiful vibration of the oils we use. The oils raise our awareness to a heightened state, from where our spirit can gauge what is necessary for our healing, and bring us to that most important (and often neglected) phase of emotional release - where we look upon our wounds with love, and watch them dissolve into peace. I love the surprise awarenesses and deep feelings of connection that arise in me when I receive this technique. Each time is different!”
Artemis (VIC)



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