What you will learn in your EECT MasterClass

Whether you want to perform this exquisite technique on your family and friends, or offer the technique professionally (and gain insurance cover for it), or whether you want to simply learn more about how to use therapeutic-grade essential oils, this MasterClass is a must.


Artemis, the technique's founder, writes: " I remain truly humbled by the transformation that each person experiences from this amazing technique, and amazing course. My husband Noel joined me in our Gold Coast course, and has honoured me by saying that this is the best course I've ever developed. I feel the same. The technique brings to Australia a whole new way of transforming emotions, embedded in a beautiful and honouring aromatic ritual. When our past participants are contacting me, they are so excited by their outstanding results with the tehcnique.


The course itself is a complete training in the technique, and in how to work intuitively with essential oils and bodywork....yet as the course has unfolded, I've been taken by surprise at the deep and life-changing journeys that have unfolded for each participant. Where I was thinking this was a course for teaching how to perform this technique, I've realised that it offers so much more. This course allows participants to journey into their own depths, to achieve resolutions and heart-felt awakening in their own life, and to release patterns and wounds that have been holding them back. It's among the most profound personal development courses I've had the privilege to be a part of."



  • Learn to see, feel and read auras (the energy field around the body), and witness for yourself the profound effect that essential oils make on the human aura
  • Discover how to create a sacred space for healing work, and how to use your “intent” and specific essential oils for energy clearing and grounding
  • Detect energy blocks in the body and learn how to clear them with essential oils
  • Discover the many ways that your intuition manifests (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, prophetic), and learn simple tools for accessing each of these areas
  • · Learn how to trust your intuition, combining it into your work with essential oils so that you may help others with your gifts
  • Fall in love with Valor essential oil blend, and learn 3 simple ten-minute-techniques for balancing the emotions and aura. You can use these techniques at festivals and in your promotion of essential oils, or incorporate them into any other modalities you have studied. These are all extended versions of the standard “Valor Balance”.
  • Discover the principles of hands-on-healing, and learn 2 unique bodywork techniques for use in the EECT
  • Perform and receive the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique (utilizing all of the skills you have learned above). Our aim is for you to have a truly profound experience in this section of the course.



  • An in-depth exploration of the oils used in EECT (their physical, emotional and spiritual applications)
  • Learn the history, core principles and emotional benefits of the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique
  • Discover how to work with a client history form, and how to check for specific safety protocols important to the use of essential oils
  • Physical and energetic results from Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique – live blood analysis and aura photographs show the benefits of this amazing technique
  • Learn to support others in their emotional journey, using the EECT



At the completion of your 4 day Level 1 and Level 2 MasterClass, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance. However, in order for you to be eligible for insurance cover for EECT, we must issue you with a “Certificate of Competence”. To do this, we need to assess your understanding of EECT and your actual technique, to ensure that it meets a professional standard of practice. This is the purpose of your Level 2 training – to assess you, and to help to polish your technique. We understand that assessments can be emotionally stressful, so we will do everything possible to put you at ease, and to give you the best chance of passing with flying colours. You are also welcome to speak to your teacher ahead of the course if you have particular questions that need clarification. You are assessed only on your technique and understanding, and not on your intuition. Although we teach you in the MasterClass how to access your intuition, this is a very personal journey, and one that you will continue to develop over time. It is a wonderful enhancement of any modality you practice. The following elements comprise your Level 2 training:


  • Revision of safety protocols and client history forms (so you are confident with the protocols that you need to know for your written assessment). We explore safety modifications for specific case scenarios, to give you a better “hands on” feel.
  • New techniques - learn Brazilian Toe Hold, experience Body Harmony, have fun with Art Therapy and with Carolyn Mein's book Releasing Emotional Patterns using Essential Oils, and learn how to unravel sabotage patterns with a simple set of questions.
  • Written assessment (multiple choice)
  • Practical assessments – this part is easy! You have the chance to give EECT just as you’ve been taught in your MasterClass, to show us that you know what you are doing, and are confident in your technique. Your instructor will be making notes on your technique as you do this, and this forms your practical assessment. This segment will be conducted as an EECT professional clinic (2 hours). You will have the opportunity to perform a full EECT on a guest who you don’t know.
  • Skill refinement – as a group, your instructor will show you ways of improving your technique, based on what they observed during your practical assessment
  • Results from written and practical assessments
  • To qualify for insurance cover, you need to complete and pass your Level 2 training with us, and then send us 15 logged sessions (which will be reviewed by your teacher). If these are satisfactorily completed, we will issue you with your Certificate of Competence, which allows you to register with the International Institute of Natural Therapists and access insurance cover through OAMPS Insurance Brokers.


Course fees


EARLY BIRD COURSE FEE (applies if paid in full at least 2 weeks ahead of course dates)

  • $795


STANDARD COURSE FEE (applies if paid less than 2 weeks ahead of course dates)

  • $895






  • 8am to 6pm (allow for later finishing times, as needed)

Level 2: SUNDAY

  • 8am to 7pm


What to bring


  1. Your Essential Oils Desk Reference and your own Feelings Kit of oils (or the individual oils from that kit – Valor, Harmony, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Release and Present Time). If you’ve never ordered from Young Living before, please ask for assistance from the person who referred you to Young Living and our trainings, or contact us for direct assistance (we will always honour the person who referred you to us). We suggest you order at wholesale prices (24% discount off retail).
  2. Optional: The following additional Young Living oil blends, which (together with the Feelings Kit) make up the complete set of oils required for the EECT. They are: Hope, Joy, White Angelica, Grounding, SARA, 3 Wise Men, Dream Catcher, Transformation. If you do not have these additional oils, we cna organise for you to borrow these 8 oils, at a fee of $45 for the course. However, all of these oils will be needed for your logged sessions after the course.
  3. A massage table (preferably adjustable height). If you don’t have a massage table, consider borrowing one or hiring one, or ask our course coordinator for assistance. We need one massage table for every 2 students for the first 3 days of training, and one massage table per student for the fourth day (Level 2).
  4. If you decide to purchase a massage table, we recommend the Azima award-winning Australian-made adjustable height massage table (available for purchase from The Health Garden – you will save 5% by purchasing on-line). These tables have been sourced for their high quality and suitability to Raindrop Technique and EECT. Being extra wide, adjustable height and with leg room at each end for seated work, you will find them perfect not only for EECT and Raindrop Technique, but also for many other types of bodywork (Reiki, Cranio-sacral, massage, bowen technique, etc.). Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.



How to book

Visit our Calendar of Events, to book for your course.



Student insurance cover

Although there has never to our knowledge been any insurance claim against Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique anywhere in the world, we do understand that for many professionals, having sound insurance cover makes good business sense. From commencement of your 4 day MasterClass Level 1 and Level 2 training with us, you are automatically covered for practicing Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique in the course of your studies by our Student Insurance (as follows), providing you are an Australian resident:

  • $10 million in public liability insurance
  • $10 million in products liability and professional risks insurance


This cover applies to you during our Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique courses (while you are working on fellow students), and for your first 30 logged sessions. After you have completed 30 logged sessions, if you have not yet passed all your requirements for achieving a Certificate of Competence, you can apply to OAMPS for your own student insurance (which you will pay for directly). And remember, once you have received your Certificate of Competence, you qualify for your own full professional insurance cover for Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique. For details, click here.



What this student insurance does not cover:

  • If you are performing other modalities, or carrying out other duties of your work life, you will not be covered by this insurance - this cover is specific to your Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique practice whilst you are undertaking training (and logged sessions) through The Raindrop Association of Australia
  • If you deviate from our teaching regarding safety protocols and modifications, or if you use essential oils other than Young Living brand for your Egyptian Emotional Clearing Techniques, you may not be covered by this insurance policy.
  • You will be responsible for paying the excess on any claim
  • Feel free to ask us for a copy of this insurance policy



Testimonials about the EECT MasterClass


  •  I completed the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique Level 1 and 2 MasterClass in Brisbane in March 2009. The course was life changing for me! I went with all intentions to "help everyone else" and finished the course with a new vision and inner strength that I never experienced before. I learnt amazing things about my own intuition which has allowed me to develop my inner knowing to a level that I never thought possible. I laughed with the group, I cried with the group, and the supportive environment allowed me to release issues (and who doesn't have issues?) that needed to be released gently and in my own time. Not only did I have my own release, I facilitated EECTs for two other people. This course showed me that everybody has the power to heal themselves and move forward in their life. If you are looking for a course to heighten your intuition, help others and nurture yourself, then look no further - this is it! I highly recommend this course!. Jen G. (QLD)


  • The Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique MasterClass has changed the focus of my life. What a profound and truly beautiful experience. I went along with the intention of learning a technique and came away with a greater sense of self, heightened intuition, a genuine sense of purpose and the confidence to truly help others. During the course I learnt so much more about myself than I ever expected to, but I was able to share and connect with the rest of the group. Artemis and our assistant Catherine were wonderful. Their knowledge and expertise were excellent and they set up a caring, supportive and sacred space. This allowed us to learn, connect, practise, give, receive, laugh, cry, be ourselves, and feel inspired and empowered. Attending the EECT MasterClass is one of the best things that I have ever done. I am now so excited about learning more and helping ohters. This course is a must do! - Michelle M. (QLD)
  • The Emotional Clearing Technique workshop was a profound experience for me. I entered into a deep meditative state almost immediately when applying oils or supporting the recipient, as if I had been meditating for an hour or more. When it was my turn to receive oils, I gained numerous insights that related to the past (childhood and past life) and present, almost non-stop during the process. The practitioner and fellow student who applied oils to me also provided helpful intuitive insights. The clearing seemed to happen at all levels, with tears and sadness during the process and a rash that appeared a few hours after the workshop in the vicinity of where the oils for releasing anger, and for connecting with my inner child, were applied. It was also lovely when students shared in the infectious laughter in the room. I felt lighter and "floaty" in the evening after the workshop. Having experienced this technique, I am keen to practise it on myself and others. It seems to work unconsciously and amazingly, in ways that I cannot explain as yet. - Katherine (NSW) 


  • Attending this course has changed my life in every way possible – it has changed how I view myself and my abilities, and it has profoundly affected how I relate to other people. I am so glad this happened to me. My life was in turmoil before the course, yet now I have this strong sense of my own power and worth. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself! – Jen D. (NSW) – testimonial from Artemis’ weekend intuition course, which is now the foundation of the EECT MasterClass.



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