Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique

How long does the session go for?
Depending on your individual needs, the session is likely to take between 2 and 2.5 hours. Ask the person giving you Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique (EECT) how long you should set aside for the session.



Can you explain to me what I will feel?
During EECT, you are likely to find yourself sinking into a deep state of relaxation. You may either drift off into a rejuvenating sleep, or find yourself with a heightened awareness, transporting you into a state of clarity and/or spiritual insight. Emotions may also come to the surface for acknowledgment and release during EECT, and you will be gently supported through any emotional release.



How often can I receive Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique?
Most people like to receive EECT weekly, fortnightly or monthly, however there may be times you feel you need it more regularly, especially if you are going through a challenging time.



How does it differ from Raindrop Technique?
Raindrop Technique is an exceptional modality for balancing the physical body (and may at times address emotional issues in this process). Click here for details. The Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique is much more specific to the emotional journey. So if you are having physical challenges, you are more likely to use the Raindrop Technique, whereas if you are experiencing emotional challenges (or seeking clarity around major life decisions), you are more likely to use EECT.



Should I take off my jewelry?
Many people report sensations of “energy” running through their body during EEC). This is because EECT re-establishes the body’s natural flow of inner energy, often called “Chi”. Metal can affect the flow of this current, so please remove all jewelry before the session (if it is easily removable).

What clothes should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing (preferably clothing that is not restrictive). You will be dressed in a robe with towels draped over you for your session, and will be asked to remove your outer clothing down to underwear.

Should I shower after Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique?
Many people love to leave the EECT oils on their skin for as long as possible before showering. If you think this might be you, you may prefer to shower before you come for your session.

Is it OK to communicate my experiences?
Everyone responds differently to EECT, and whilst most people float out the door afterwards feeling balanced and deeply relaxed, some people may experience emotional or physcial discomfort during or after a session. This is the case with any form of energy work.

It’s important that you communicate your experiences to the person giving you EECT, as they may be able to assist, or offer helpful suggestions.

For example, some of the essential oils used in EECT may be warming to the skin. If you do experience any prickling or heat on your skin from the oils, the person giving you EECT will be able to easily cool the area down using a vegetable (carrier) oil......but only if you tell them!

How can I be sure that Top Quality Essential Oils are used?

This technique can only be called Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique when it is performed using pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living Essential Oils. These oils are guaranteed to be free of chemical adulteration. You deserve the best!

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What is Detoxification?
In our modern world, it’s impossible to avoid chemical exposure. Artificial chemicals are in our food, in the animals we eat, in our water, and in our cosmetics and personal care products. Many of these chemicals are absorbed straight through the skin and some may build up in the body, paving the way for dis-ease.

Because of the penetrating abilities of essential oils, it’s possible during your first few EECTs to experience a mild to moderate “detox” response if you either have an overload of toxins in your body, or if your body’s channels of elimination are not working optimally (urine, bowels, breath, skin).

You are a good detox candidate if you:

Have worked amongst chemicals, eg. hairdresser
Have taken regular pharmaceutical/recreational drugs
Have had a recent acute or long-term illness
Have a history of skin rashes or headaches

Click here to discover important information to help you minimize any detox experiences.

What is Detoxification a sign of?

Detox symptoms simply mean that toxins are being pulled out of cells, but are not being eliminated quickly enough from the body. Detox symptoms may include: tiredness, headaches, thirst, strong smelling stools/urine, mood swings, and skin rashes.

Raindrop Technique works on the body for up to 10 days*, although most detox symptoms will pass within a day or two. If symptoms persist or you’re concerned about your response, consult a doctor or natural therapist.

How can I Reduce Detox Symptoms?

There are a variety of ways that you can minimise the likelihood of any detox discomfort*. You may even choose to put these into practice for a week or two before your first Raindrop Technique. It is recommended that you:

Drink plenty of filtered water before and after your Raindrop Technique session. Tea, coffee, softdrinks and milk don’t count.
Ensure you’re having regular (daily) bowel motions

Why is it important to balance my pH?

Our western diet and stress levels leave many people with an acidic pH. You will have the best effects from EECT if your pH is balanced*. For good health, minimise acid-forming foods in your diet (red meat, dairy, sugar, coffee, alcohol), and increase alkaline-forming and acid-binding foods*.


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