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(Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, Raindrop Technique)

Artemis is a founding member and independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils in Australia, having first fallen in love with their essential oils in 1998. She is also a founding member of Raindrop Australia.

Artemis has trained in Raindrop Technique with its originator, D. Gary Young, as well as with Cliff Winkleman and Clay Young, and has been teaching Raindrop Technique since 1999. With a background in Science (BSc. Hons) and expertise in various bodywork modalities (including Bowen Technique, Reiki I and II, Body Harmony and Chironic Healing), Artemis has devoted her life to teaching others about the power of essential oils and intuition. She is well known in Australia for her radio programs, self-empowerment books, meditation CDs and courses in spiritual awareness.

What did you most appreciate about Artemis as a teacher?

"The passion of her love for the oils."
bullet Michele A (Illinois)

"I enjoyed the ENTIRE course. Artemis was an excellent teacher and I’ve taken a lot of courses! She was very thorough in all her teaching materials; she was excellent at giving us critiques on how to improve our work. The class was interesting, fun, spiritual, helped us on all levels. Thank you!”
bullet Mary V (Illinois)

“I most enjoyed You, your due diligence, your personal kindness and ability to stay centred when we as a group were not. Thank you so much!”
bullet Dale Anne W. (Illinois)

“Her gentleness and caring, but not losing her professionalism. And what about her organizational skills and time management skills! Also how Artemis formatted and formulated all her literature and presented all the information was just fantastic!”
bullet Gillian R. (QLD)
“Very precise in everything she does. Artemis certainly works from the heart which makes everyone else feel cared for 100%.”
bullet Carolanne L (QLD)

Pamela Hunter

Pamela Hunter

(Raindrop Technique)


Raindrop Technique, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Registered Yoga Instructor, Reflexology, Reiki


Currently studying for Clinical Certification in Aromatherapy with the Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy


Pamela has been practicing yoga since 1998, teaching yoga since 2000 and was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils in 2003 from the yoga studio’s massage therapist. Using YLEO first for a chest cold, she immediately introduced them to her asthmatic, special needs 7-year old son. Within the first two months of using Raven and RC essential oils from Young Living, her son’s asthma was healed with him no longer needing pharmaceutical medication. This began her love for Young Living and her journey to share them with the world. By the way, her son has healed in all ways using YLEO and various other holistic wellness, no longer having special needs. The entire family has been pharmaceutical free since 2003!


Raindrop Technique was introduced and taught to Pamela in 2004, but it became close to Pamela’s heart after studying with Gary Young in Ecuador in 2008, then bringing Artemis to the States later that year and continuing education with both Gary Young and Catherine Garro in 2009 & 2010. Currently, Pamela is the first to be Certified at Level 3 for RAA in the United States.


Pamela educates about YLEO monthly holding Essential Oil Education Evenings and SCENT-sational Wellness Sessions combining yoga, meditation, and oils at Universal Spirit Yoga in Naperville, IL.



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